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StoepTalk 1: Free online book launch Thursday, December 1st, 18h00- 19h30

Dear colleagues and friends, you are kindly invited to join us on Zoom for the launch of My Word! Ideas for creating a writing culture in the classroom (Penguin) and Praat jy! Idees vir die skep van 'n skryfkultuur in die klas (LAPA). My Narrative colleague and friend, Linda van Duuren, will be joining me in celebration of these publications, designed to bring Narrative ideas into the everyday classroom.

In the books I share stories of my creative writing mentorship of young people in various communities in the Western Cape over the past seventeen years. I also show how a Narrative orientation can generate possibilities outside the therapy room in community contexts. The book was 'co-authored' with young people and teachers, whose creative work, stories and wisdom are featured.

Please RSVP by 27 November to:

We look forward to welcoming you!

Thérèse & Linda

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