Other services we offer



Working as Narrative Practitioners in different contexts

over the past 20 years, our individual work has naturally

developed into areas of personal specialisation and



While our training/webinar work is offered as a team,

we also have a rich smorgasbord on offer to you

in our individual capacities.

Dr Thérèse Hulme:

✉︎  info@theresehulme.com

☏ 0834504606

After years of working Narratively in schools, organisations and NGO's, doing research, and consulting with young people and adults in my private practice, I offer the following services: 

  • Counselling conversations via Zoom with young people and adults who hope to discover new directions and possibilities for their lives.

  • Organizational coaching - making visible and honouring the hopes and dreams people have for their lives and the values and intentions they prefer to live by. Coaching and assisting people in NGO communities in noticing, crafting and documenting preferred organizational stories to bring Vision and Mission statements to life, and for Monitoring and Evaluation purposes.

  • Participatory Action research supervision & support for academic research and in community development settings.

  • Mentoring teachers and other adults wishing to offer creative writing as a therapeutic resource to the young people in their care.

  • Creative Writing groups for young people. For more information on my mentorship work in this field, please visit: www.theresehulme.com


Linda van Duuren:

✉︎  consulting@lindavanduuren.co.za

☏ 0845552346

After completing my masters degree in Pastoral Therapy (specialising in Narrative Therapy), I have spent over 20 years of working Narratively in schools and in private practice. I have consulted with school leaders, organisational leaders, teachers, parents, families, countless children, and adults of all ages seeking a Narrative approach to managing troubling/difficult circumstances in their lives. I am a registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor with the ASCHP.  I offer the following services in my private capacity:

  • In-person or remote (zoom) counselling for children, young people, parents and families who hope to take a stronger Narrative orientation into their lives

  • Narrative counselling/wellness coaching for adults seeking greater clarity for their hopes, directions, dreams and possibilities in life

  • Consulting with school teams/parents on taking up Narrative approach to child development (web-of-care) when working in schools with multidisciplinary teams, particularly as regards learning, developmental and socio-emotional challenges such children might face

  • Leadership mentoring - a number of school and other organisational leaders consult with me 1:1 regarding their personal wellbeing and upholding a Narrative orientation in their personal and professional lives

  • Narrative supervision/teaching/coaching for individual practitioners (counsellors, OT's, SALT's and others following a Narrative ethos in their practices), who seek 1:1 sessions  to hone their Narrative Skills

  • I am based in Cape Town