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Develop your own set of Narrative Practices: 

Our easy-to-access webinars are specially designed for parents, teachers, youth workers, NGO's and whole school communities. Our many years of working Narratively helps us tailor-make our trainings to fit the growing need for practical training in Narrative Ways of relating to children and young people.


Our range of relevant topics illustrate the application of Narrative Practice in everyday education, family and other community settings:

  • Introduction to Narrative Practice - when working with children

  • Introducing a Narrative set of skills - for working with young people

  • The GreyScale of Shock - becoming "trauma-informed" when working in schools and NGO's. Using a Narrative Approach to address distressing/disturbing events that happen to children/young people in the everyday

  • Responding to Trauma - a Narrative Approach to therapeutic conversation in a counselling context

  • Narrative Parenting - Narrative Ways of parenting confidently and mindfully

  • Bereavement and loss - ideas on facilitating Narrative Storying to assist those dealing with the loss of a loved one  


  • Discipline/bullying - a whole-school Narrative Approach to addressing power practices that hurt and harm 

  • Active and Appreciative Witnessing - our approach to creating communities of belonging, connection and appreciation using Narrative ideas