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Our Training Menu

Our tailor-made workshops and webinars address

the growing need for practical training in Narrative Practice 

when relating to children and young people.  ​​

  • Introduction to Narrative Practice - when working with children

  • Introducing a Narrative Set of Skills - for working with young people

  • The GreyScale of Shock -  Using a Narrative Approach to address the effects of distressing events that happen in the everyday

  • Responding to Trauma - a Narrative Approach to therapeutic conversation in a counselling context

  • Narrative Parenting - a Narrative Approach to parenting confidently and mindfully

  • Bereavement and loss - Narrative Storybooking as an approach

    to assist those dealing with the loss of a loved one  


  • Discipline & Bullying - considering a whole-school Narrative Approach to addressing power practices that hurt and harm​ 

  • Re-storying Conflict in Primary School settings - a creative Narrative Approach to peer mediation in the Primary School

  • Leadership through Contribution in Primary School settings - a creative Narrative Approach to learner leadership training in the Primary School


  • Active and Appreciative Witnessing - our approach to creating communities of belonging, connection and appreciation using Narrative ideas

Contact us on for further information about our training.

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