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About Us

Thérèse Hulme & Linda van Duuren

As qualified Narrative Therapists, we have gathered a rich collective experience of working Narratively with children, young people, teachers, parents, families, youth workers and other caregivers over the past 20-plus years.


We met during an intensive two-year training in Narrative Pastoral Therapy, where Linda completed her masters (MTh) and Thérèse went on to complete her doctorate (DTh). It was there we realised that these life-changing ideas needed to be shared with all people working and living with children. Our hands-on work in schools, communities and private practice has allowed us to develop Narrative Therapy ideas with a uniquely South African flavour.  

NarrativelySpeaking offers a celebration of our passionate contribution to the field of Narrative Therapy and to the lives of others.

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