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Narratively Speaking invites you to join us in raising the bar in classrooms and school communities

We consider working with children and young people a huge gift to our lives, and to theirs. We have been doing it for many many years (over two decades!)...and remain as excited and inspired to make a difference as we first became when meeting Narrative Therapy ideas over 20 years ago.

We have been exposed to in-person training with the "original minds" in this Narrative Therapy movement...Michael White, David Epston, Gill Freedman, Gene Combs, Steve Gaddis, Johnella Bird, Kaethe Weingarten, Stephen Maddigan to name a few. We were incredibly lucky to learn from this first wave of Narrative training in South Africa and consider ourselves to have been trained by some of the best Narrative Practitioners in the world. In our academic and therapeutic training Elize Morkel, Dirk Kotze, Elmarie Kotze and Johan Roux saw to it that we received Narrative training of the highest standard. We have endeavoured to pass this legacy of excellence on most particularly in the world of education and non-profits working with children and young people.

Our enthusiasm for what we do is the product of witnessing hundreds of teachers (trained by us in Narrative Practice) making a significant and positive difference to the lives of the children and young people in their care. For over two decades we have worked with the belief that it is teachers who can make THE difference in the trajectory of the life of a child. The LifeStory of a child can be significantly enhanced by skilful and aware teachers who are Narratively trained. This raises the bar.

We hope you will join our training in 2024.

Warm regards

Linda and Thérèse

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