A Narrative Approach to counselling/therapy focuses on the way we create stories about our lives in order to make sense of our lives. It is our understanding that the stories we tell of our lives influence the meaning we make of life events and the way we live out our lives.


As Narrative Practitioners we believe that lives are multi-storied and that there are many narratives to be discovered and developed. Narrative is thus, not simply about 'telling one's story'. It is about the skillful revisiting and re-working of stories that shape people’s lives, so that peoples’ stories can support them in the living of more confident, aware and empowered lives.

NarrativelySpeaking answers our jointly-held dream of bringing Narrative Therapy ideas outside of our therapy rooms... and into the everyday lives and practices of those living and working with children/young people. 

Our webinars, workshops and mentoring groups are designed for people wishing to develop their interpersonal skillsets by integrating Narrative Therapy ideas into their personal and working lives.